A brand new body of work by Jimi

Solo show coming 2019


“What do you get if you cross The Ultimate Warrior with Rodin’s The Thinker?…”

I remember seeing The Thinker for the first time on a college trip to Paris. My gut reaction was ‘this guy looks fucking worried’. To me, he looked totally consumed by his thoughts rather than ‘calm and contemplative’ as our tutor described. I could relate. I’ve felt consumed by streams of incessant thinking all throughout my life and tried to force it to stop using various methods for years. For so long thinking was my enemy. It felt like I was in a perpetual wrestling match with my mind, constantly trying to beat my thoughts into submission. I was also obsessed with WWF as a kid. Exactly like the continuous stream of thought racing through my head, WWF was larger than life, 100 miles an hour, over-the-top, overdramatic, often utterly ridiculous and perhaps most importantly, not real.

Limited edition sculpture coming soon

Technical assistance: Martin Mcghee & Billelis