A brand new body of work by Jimi

Solo show coming 2019


SAD MAC (black on white) & SAD MAC (white on black)

44” x 54” - Acrylic on wood panel

Stare into the MacBook all day at work… Stare into the MacBook all night on Netflix. FFS



Ceramic, resin and tank 3D test

In the days after binging on certain substances, I feel disconnected from reality, like I’m looking out at life from inside a translucent tank. Nothing feels real. Thoughts become loud and inevitably turn negative as they bounce around inside my head, cut off from the outside world. The hangovers and comedowns after heavy drinking or drug taking have the most dramatic effect, but cigarettes, vapes, excessive junk food and even social media binges can leave me with a watered down version of the same detached feeling… 

Cigs 🤷🏽‍♂️

Cigs are so f*cked but we love em

Cigs in resin 3D test 

CIGS final.jpg


“What do you get if you cross The Ultimate Warrior with Rodin’s The Thinker?…”

I remember seeing The Thinker for the first time on a college trip to Paris. My gut reaction was ‘this guy looks fucking worried’. To me, he looked totally consumed by his thoughts rather than ‘calm and contemplative’ as our tutor described. I could relate. I’ve felt consumed by streams of incessant thinking all throughout my life and tried to force it to stop using various methods for years. For so long thinking was my enemy. It felt like I was in a perpetual wrestling match with my mind, constantly trying to beat my thoughts into submission. I was also obsessed with WWF as a kid. Exactly like the continuous stream of thought racing through my head, WWF was larger than life, 100 miles an hour, over-the-top, overdramatic, often utterly ridiculous and perhaps most importantly, not real...

Limited edition sculpture coming soon

Technical assistance: Martin Mcghee & Billelis


Our thoughts are so heavily conditioned by our upbringing, past trauma, our parent's views, the society we grew up in, and the marketing/advertising we’ve been subjected to, that they’re not really “ours” at all. This realisation has been an incredible source of comfort for me in dark times. To know that I don’t have to identify with or act on the thoughts in my head just because they’re there.

Left unchecked, my mind wouldn't hesitate in sabotaging my body with excessive drink, drugs, cigarettes and junk food, all in pursuit of fleeting moments of satisfaction. I would be lost in thought, trapped in past and future, and paralysed by depression. My mind is crazy and tells me lies but these days try not to listen.