MMICATML - LTD edition mirror

MMICATML - LTD edition mirror



"Our thoughts are so heavily conditioned by our upbringing, past trauma, our parent's views, the society we grew up in, and the advertising we’ve been subjected to, that they’re not really “ours” at all. This realisation has been an incredible source of comfort for me in dark times. To know that I don’t have to identify with or act on the incessant stream of thought in my head just because its there.

Left unchecked, my mind wouldn't hesitate in killing my body with excessive drink, drugs, cigarettes and junk food, all in pursuit of fleeting moments of satisfaction. I would be lost in thought, trapped in past and future, and paralysed by depression. My mind is crazy and tells me lies but these days rarely listen."

Ink on handmade mirrored box. Screenprinted in the Harwood King studio. Signed and numbered.

130 x 90 x 10cm

A very limited edition of 2.

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